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my goal: work with website owners
to achieve a greater return on investment
through their website by improving their conversion rate.
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What I Do

Conversion Rate Optimisation and UX Specialist

Have you ever considered that your website should be doing more for you. So many website owners and businesses around the world are sitting on potential goldmines. They just don't know it yet. Or rather, they don't understand what more they could do to harness the power of their website.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

If you've heard the term conversion rate optimisation and wondered - what is CRO? More to the point what are the benefits for me? Now might be a great time to talk.

I can help you to make more from one of your biggest and best assets - your website. By systematically analysing and recommending changes to get your visitors to do what you want them to do. Does it all sound like bunkum? Well, I can understand why you may feel like that. Because you may have had experiences with unscrupulous consultants who give you broad brush strokes of things to do and you may not have seen an ROI.

This is different, this will be data-backed fact. It will not be coming from you or from me, but it will be coming from those who know - your visitors. Using that intelligence will give a unique insight into those who use your website. More importantly, it will start to highlight where things aren't quite right. Using that information, you will be able to make actionable changes that will improve your conversion rate, without having to get more visitors to your sight.

Who I May Suit

I work with website owners and businesses who have more than 10,000 visitors per month to their website. The best results come from websites who exceed 25,000 site visits.

Would you be interested in working with me? I only work with a select few clients whom I feel I can add value for. All I ask for is an open-mind.




insights into my world and thought processes
28th January 2019
A Website Address is Easier To Remember Than a Phone Number

If you want someone to engage with you in minimal time – just give them your website address. They can find your phone number and all contact details by simply looking there. What could be simpler? Normally, it’s easier to remember a website address than a phone number – ours is and it kind […]

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4th February 2019
A Website is Available All Of The Time

A website is your best employee and represents excellent value for money. Even if you buy big. Unlike most "human" employees, a website is there all the time. It always has your company message at heart – has no agenda, never asks for pay rises and talks to your client in a tone that you […]

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11th February 2019
It's Cost Effective To Update Your Website With Updated Information

So many businesses treat a website as “fit and forget”. Many business websites with blogs haven’t updated them in the past year let alone on a monthly/weekly basis. As for new products and services – many don’t bother. Having a site that can be easily updated is the gateway to getting people to come back. […]

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18th February 2019
It's The Start of A Beautiful Relationship

As a fledgling relationship with a prospective suitor, we all want reassurances that we’re doing the right thing. A website is like your best friend telling a client how great you are and highlighting all of your best bits. The great thing is that it doesn’t get drunk and cry on your shoulder telling you […]

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