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About Paul Hogden

It's important for clients to understand their issues first. Without knowing the problem means you're not going to get the solution you desire. So many people start by addressing the symptoms but rarely do they treat the underlying issues that surround them day after day. They think they're going to save money and time by short-circuiting the process to get the desired outcome. They normally come to my business after they have seen sales slip, no one is coming to their website anymore or their phone isn't ringing.

This blog is about how working through your business issues creatively, will bring results that align with your hopes and aspirations - by cutting through the fluff, analysing what has gone before, embracing the lessons learnt from failure and changing the course and of course measuring the outcome.

We've all believed that just by being there will get you noticed, going to networking events and expos could be the key to massive success - let me tell you it isn't. It can help - but nothing in isolation is going to catapult you into the stratosphere.

There are no quick fixes and to coin a phrase from the great Seth Godin, there is no prince charming coming to save you, no quick fix.

I work with people who want to make measured positive changes in their business that will cumulatively make a massive difference.

Let's start today.

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