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8th April 2019
Knowledge Isn't Power - Action Is Power

You'll have noticed that I've placed a rather contentious statement on the front page. It's been long bandied about that knowledge is power. But I have to say the more I think about it, the more I disagree. Having knowledge is of no use to anyone if you don't put it to good use. It's […]

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1st April 2019
A Good Website Gives Prospects A Good Shove In The Right Direction

If you are clear to what you want to achieve from your brief encounter with a visitor, you can encourage them to take the next step. The important thing is to not move too quickly or to expect such a big commitment – it makes people smell a rat – even if there isn’t a dead […]

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25th March 2019
Give Visitors and Prospects a Look Into Your Businesses Soul

Working closely with a development team means that as a project, we inject your company personality into your website design. From videos to icons – the importance of openness and transparency will get your site more in tune with your company methodology. Transferring your personality into a website – means that it can break down […]

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18th March 2019
Get The Inside Edge On Leads and Prospects

You can gain a lot of information from clients before you ever talk to them using digital marketing. Using a combination of websites, forms and the emerging force of messenger chatbots along with heatmaps and recording, you can get more information, credibility and buy-in from a client more quickly, and from anywhere – quicker than a […]

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11th March 2019
Saving Businesses Time and Money

Providing information to your customers takes time, whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face, in a brochure, or in emails. With a brochure, catalog or magazine based on a website you can provide plenty of information about your products and services. Once published, it is available to your customers immediately and indefinitely, saving you a ton […]

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4th March 2019
Awesome Customer Service

Your website's customer service levels won't let you down. The trouble with us humans is that we don’t always stick to the rules – even if we know them and they’re written down, we don’t always follow them to the letter. Then we’re shocked and surprised when things don’t turn out the way we planned. […]

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25th February 2019
A Home For Your Assets and Material

A website gives you a curated home for all of your material for your customers to see. From all over the place – for example, the real world or the virtual world, you can send people to one repository to get a taster of what it is to buy from you or work with your […]

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18th February 2019
It's The Start of A Beautiful Relationship

As a fledgling relationship with a prospective suitor, we all want reassurances that we’re doing the right thing. A website is like your best friend telling a client how great you are and highlighting all of your best bits. The great thing is that it doesn’t get drunk and cry on your shoulder telling you […]

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11th February 2019
It's Cost Effective To Update Your Website With Updated Information

So many businesses treat a website as “fit and forget”. Many business websites with blogs haven’t updated them in the past year let alone on a monthly/weekly basis. As for new products and services – many don’t bother. Having a site that can be easily updated is the gateway to getting people to come back. […]

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4th February 2019
A Website is Available All Of The Time

A website is your best employee and represents excellent value for money. Even if you buy big. Unlike most "human" employees, a website is there all the time. It always has your company message at heart – has no agenda, never asks for pay rises and talks to your client in a tone that you […]

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