Paul Hogden
6th May 2019

Branded Workwear: What Putting Your Logo Onto A Polo Shirt Means

Have you ever wondered what the point is of getting branded workwear? Does it just seem like an expensive luxury that serves no purpose? Believe it or not, branding your workwear works so much deeper than that. I've put together a short article where I discuss with a client whose business is making branded workwear and promotional items why that perception is simply not true and why standing out being outstanding can win the business.

Personally Branded Workwear Can Put You Ahead Of Your Competitors

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I met with a client of mine recently who creates embroidered workwear and promotional items for clients. I was curious as to the whole phenomenon of workwear branding. Strangely enough, I lecture for one of our local colleges and one of the points we discussed only last week was how much more "branded" everyone's business is. Moving back twenty years ago, most businesses never even considered having a logo let alone a sign-written van with anything more than a phone number and a name of a company. So what happened? I think one of the key things is accessibility. There are more local businesses who offer an opportunity to brand your business for a reasonable price, quickly and efficiently. I also think that it is a case of keeping up with the Joneses to a large degree. Or FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out.

Embroidered Polo Shirts
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Embroidered Garments Give People Confidence In your Business

I was however given some examples of the companies customers who had seen an upturn in their customers after changing the way that they appeared. A story of two plumbers: one turning up in ripped jeans and paint-stained t-shirt and the other turning up in smart uniform, with company details upon it. Who did the customer feel happier with? The uniformed representative. Why? Because she felt that they came over more professionally and confidence of it feeling like a larger and more organised company,

Who Was Actually The Best?

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The fact is that Mr Torn Jeans was a better and quicker plumber. However, the other chap not only booked more - he charged more too. All because of the customer perception gave out by a uniform and one other thing. A fridge magnet. This magnet said "in case of emergency" and put the companies emergency all hours mobile number. That will probably stay attached to the fridge for a very long time. probably keeping the leaflet delivery company I wrote about a couple of weeks ago!

Small Changes That Gets your Business and Brand Noticed.

Some simple changes, that didn't cost a fortune made some significant changes to that plumber's fortunes (not that plumbers need much more fortune in my house!) Some of the top tips I would advise anyone looking at clothing, branding their vehicles or giveaway items:

A Few Do's and Don't On Branding Your Business

Don't waste time putting addresses or phone numbers anywhere. Place the website address instead. Why? Because you can find everything else out from the website (if it is half decent). Make sure you are clear that you put what it is you do. None of us is ICI or Virgin. We need to explain our products and services. That's how people who see out logo'd vans and polo shirts will know if they're interested in what we offer. Then with a nice, short website address, they can be in contact with you.

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