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What Is CRO?

CRO is the buzzword of affiliate marketers, e-commerce store owners and corporates. But what is CRO? CRO stands for conversion rate optimisation, what it does is something rather remarkable. CRO is based upon the following theory:

Providing you have enough traffic coming to your website. For example, I like to work with website owners who have a minimum of 10,000 visits per month - ideally more than that - to achieve a greater benefit. It is possible, to turn more of those visitors into a converting customer, or sign up, or affiliate link clicker - or whatever it is that you want them to do.

There are of course caveats to that. Firstly, if the offer is not good enough, it doesn't matter what I do - you won't get more conversions. Being ridiculous for a moment, I can't "make" a visitor buy a cheap pencil sharpener for millions as I can't make people buy courses that are worthless or products that aren't wanted. I work on the basis that you are already selling something and having a degree of success with those sales.

What I do next to help you create money from nothing more than you already have. There will be reasons why some visitors don't buy - and they fall into several categories of the CRO process. By looking at the data that we obtain from your website, we can start to change the website to remove barriers for people wanting to buy. To the point that you end up with more buyers from the pool of visitors already visiting your website.

Each part of your website is analysed and conclusions are drawn, that provide the framework to make those adjustments and test them. A culmination of each change, will result in more people "converting" and taking the desired actions you want them to take.

Would you like more visitors to convert into customer or subscribers or affiliate link clickers? If the answer is yes - contact me today to arrange a 30 minute no obligation consultation.




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